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By The Startups (BTS) Community Forum works closely with several higher education institutions, including colleges and universities in Tamilnadu, South India, in mentoring and training student/institution/campus startups. We have a range of experienced and expert mentors in different areas of startup entrepreneurship and business who can mentor the students right from the ideation (idea/concept) phase, and lead them to the next phase –designing and prototyping, testing, and refining the product idea.  The best part is that we are well equipped with technical mentors including academicians in emerging high-tech and innovative research areas. All our mentors are business owners, passionate enough to mentor startups in their expert domains for accelerated growth from a practical perspective. This is also our USP, as technical institutions handle the theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship.

The Institute Industry Connect platform is part of By The Startups, one of the biggest startups and business networking and referral lead communities in South India. We have been actively serving the startup and business ecosystems since 2017, with over 4500 basic community members fuelling their passion for entrepreneurial drive and desire to succeed. Our endeavors to link the institutions with the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem through mentoring, training, and consulting have been widely appreciated by government organizations such as Startup India, Startup TN, Kerala Startup Mission, IIC, EDII, MSME, DIC, AICTE, DSTE, and various incubators, accelerators, EDC, Innovation, Tech Development, Skill Development, Placement and Training Cells in institutions across Tamilnadu.

How can we help Institution EDCs and NEWGEN IEDC?

The mentor pool of By The Startups Community forums helps student startups in mentoring, thereby effectively closing the gap between ideating and creating a startup. We can help induce and enhance the culture of entrepreneurship in institutions through planned events including entrepreneurial talks, awareness camps, mentor chats, hackathons, ideathons, conferences, webinars, and tailored events that would bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in startups. Furthermore, we can help students interact with startup founders either in their college or at startup networking events we host regularly. Suppose any institution is planning to start an EDC cell, and looking to hire an expert team of mentors to operate the cell on a consultative basis. In that case, we can help establish the framework for the smooth functioning of the institution’s EDC cell.

New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NEWGEN IEDC)

New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NewGen IEDC) is a new program launched by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. Our mentor and subject matter expert pool is trained and well-equipped to handle the various requirements of NewGen IEDC through professional guidance, mentorship, and support. We would associate with any University/Deemed University or premier Institute/College offering Engineering, Technology, and Science courses at the degree level. Get in touch with us for resource persons for all NewGen IEDC programs.

Note: Neither our founder nor BTS Mentors would work for free in any of the EDC activities under any circumstances. Institutions need to ensure they allocate the required budget, discuss the remuneration/honorarium before the start of any EDC/Skill development event and clear the commmercials post completion of the event without fail. We are ready to help institutions providing our mentors are suitably paid as agreed upon by the parties. Also note all services below require consultation charges which will be dealt with in person by the parties.

How can we help Startup Incubators?

The TBIs in our country play an important role in fostering the entrepreneurial passion of startups. Our team can help establish TBI in institutions by arranging seed funds (finance), developing the startup ecosystem, and linking the community resources to them. Our consultative services for setting up institutional TBIs include understanding the market challenges, recommending and building the appropriate service suite and networking community, writing the business plan (including the required documentation process for establishing and running the TBI), and developing the value proposition model and monetization model.

We help increase the capability of existing incubators by offering networking, mentoring, and investment opportunities through startup boot camps, investor meets, mentor guidance, and corporate connects.  The Ideation boot camps we organized over the years in various TBIs are widely appreciated and generated positive results contributing to startup growth, especially in the pre-seed, seed, and early startup stages.  Are you looking for a proven pre-incubator program? Yes, we have one, before you start your dream TBI.  We’re ready to help startup incubators with our pool of mentors for mutual benefit. We aim to promote startup entrepreneurship and build a conducive climate for startups to grow, succeed, and excel through a powerful startup ecosystem that enables results and fuels growth.

Ideation Bootcamps

Our Ideation Bootcamps cover the fundamentals of starting a startup including business modeling and planning, design thinking, startup cycle, and product development, to mention a few. Participants will be introduced to various central and state government schemes and incentives currently available for startups, such as tax benefits and funding opportunities handled by seasoned entrepreneurs and active investors. We also invite a few successful entrepreneurs to participate in these boot camps and interact with potential student startups to clear all their doubts about creating a startup, while at the same time dispelling their hidden fears and apprehensions. The participants leave the boot camp with a deeper understanding of the opportunities, and challenges of creating a startup, and the support apparatus available to them from the government and private sources.

“Our Vision is to create 1,00,000 entrepreneurs and 10,00,000 skilled professionals who are industry-fit and ready to drive the economic and social growth of our country.”


Our team of mentors can fit into any accelerator program wherein their collective wisdom and understanding of startup entrepreneurship can help push the startups steadily into the mid/growth and later/growth stages. We can also help TBIs design accelerator programs for incubatees, mapping the needs and wants of today’s highly competitive investment space.

Centre for Excellence (CoE): Tech-based

BTS can also set up Centre for Excellence, or Excellence Centres, in all institutions funded by their management or partly funded by any company, corporate, or industry looking for total technology transfer and skill development. We can initiate the process of establishing the Centre of Excellence through industry connects or the support of the management. We’ll also formulate the process for the smooth functioning of the Centre of Excellence through planned calendar activities and mentor programs.

We, therefore, invite corporates, industries, companies, brands, and even mature startups passionate about setting up Centres of Excellence to collaborate with us for the benefit of the institution and the transformation of society as a whole through the adoption of the right technology, resources, and skills (stack).

Innovation Cell/Hub

As a social-based community/organization group, we must transform society through technology and innovation. Institutions looking to establish an Innovation Cell/Hub can collaborate with us to install a mentor pool and plan calendar activities to promote an innovation culture in an institution. Again, we can initiate the process of establishing an Innovation Cell/Hub through industry connects or the support of the management. Interested industries, corporate companies, and startups passionate about nurturing and promoting innovation are invited to set up innovation cells or hubs through the BTS community.

How can we help with AICTE/IIC/YUKTI/MoU/IEDC Cell and KAPILA calendar events?

We collaborate with Entrepreneur Development Cells (EDCs), Pre-Incubators, Technology Business Incubators (DSTE, Government of India–funded) Atal Incubation Centre (AIC), and Innovation Cells to nurture student’s startup ideas, build startups (Pre-seed to Early Stage) and Accelerator programs. We also work with the Institute Innovation Council (IIC, launched by the Ministry of Education (MoE) through MoE’s Innovation Cell, MIC, YUKTI – National Innovation Repository (NIR), and KAPILA committee (for filing novelty/patent).

Faculty Development Programme in Startup Entrepreneurship

We have helped institutions develop Faculty development programs in Startup Entrepreneurship through our mentor pool. Through entrepreneur talks-cum-discussion and case studies, curriculum development, opportunity guidance, and practical insights, our faculty development program that we frame is aimed at creating awareness of entrepreneurship among the faculty members of various Colleges/Universities, transforming the way they view startup entrepreneurship at the academic and research level. Our core objective is to make faculty members drive the students towards startup entrepreneurial culture and train them accordingly in a highly professional and formal way.

Latest Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Events

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Mentor & Resource Persons

BTS Community forum can arrange mentors and resource persons for various entrepreneurship-related events in institutions including entrepreneurship talks, mentorship, training workshops, hackathons, ideathons, idea camps, boot camps, industry conferences, webinars, symposiums, certification, incubation and accelerator programs, entrepreneurship drives, interviews, research activities, building case studies, B-plan, challenges and competitions, exhibitions, product expos, pitch sessions, orientation and business studies department inauguration.  We’re ready to help you in whatever we can.

Workspace/Plug-and-Play/Coworking office spaces

We’re ready to work with institutions having a decent space with the required tech infrastructure to create workspaces, plug-and-play, and coworking office spaces to accommodate business ventures including startups and corporates on a lease or a rental basis or any other contract models. This arrangement can also be a decent revenue model for the institutions while accommodating their campus-grown startups. Another advantage is that they can recruit their students for either jobs or internships. That’s a double-win situation!

Institution Industry Cell

To align the standard of education with the present demands and requirements of the industry, it is essential to synchronize the quality.  We want to collaborate with institutions and industries to prepare students for the workforce. We aim to cultivate individuals who are ready for the industry in terms of placement and entrepreneurship.  We help develop suitable resources and methodologies to enhance the expertise of professional engineers and technologists to address the evolving requirements of the present industry. Students’ development is enhanced by integrating industrial training and various other inputs. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills between academic institutions and businesses to align with the growing demands of the industry. We help organize industrial visits and internships for students and invite guest faculty from industry professionals.

Startup Tours

BTS Team can arrange Startup tours in the form of Industrial Visits (IVs) and take students to startup companies to interact with founders who share their success stories and take a 360-degree view of their business operation. These tours have been proven to spur students to learn more about startup entrepreneurship.  We also arrange tours to startup incubators and accelerators to understand how they support startups, promote entrepreneurship, and trigger growth.  We can also organize tailored industrial visits in collaboration with different industries to provide students insights into the real working environment, depending upon the institution’s needs.

PR & Promotion for Institutions —Profile, Interviews & News Submission

BTS is well equipped with a PR team that can cover profiles of Incubators, Accelerator programs, Innovation Centres/Hubs, EDCs, Placement Cells, Alumni/Institute Industry Association Cells, and related News (12-24 per year) or single news on a subscription basis. Not many web platforms cover profiles and news related to institute-industry connect, yet we provide an excellent opportunity for institutions to connect instantly with the wider industry ecosystem through our platform. Check our exclusive section which covers all news and events related to startup incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurship, placement, industry-institution relations, innovation, skill development, alumni, and technology.  If you’re looking to cover profiles and news related to your institution’s career guidance, placement, innovation, EDC, incubator, alumni, skill advancement, tech development, and accelerator cells, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Exclusive Free Community

BTS has an exclusive community forum and WhatsApp group for heads (CEOs/COOs/Coordinators, Managers) of Incubators, Accelerator programs, Innovation Centres/Hubs, EDC, Placement Cells, and Alumni/Institute Industry Association Cells of any institution. Get in touch with us to join our exclusive community WhatsApp group. It is completely FREE!

New: Leadership, Communication & Networking Society

Centre of Excellence for Leadership & Development

A society with a difference. Yes, that is how we define our Communication, Leadership & Networking Society. The objective of this initiative is to nurture and build leaders in the areas of technology, innovation, and management.  Communication and networking are the two important traits of leadership, or even entrepreneurship and business. Our mentors can work round the clock to develop the latent leadership skills of students in any institution, including communication and networking skills, through tailored, planned calendar activities for a year or even semester-wise as required by the institution. This will be our primary activity after establishing the ‘BTS Thought Accelerator’. We are ready to work with institutions through a commercial agreement that allows our mentors to work for a stipulated period and build leaders strong in communication, leadership, and networking areas for the future of the community and society.

We invite corporates, industries, companies, and brands passionate about establishing Centres of Excellence for Development & Leadership to collaborate with us for the benefit of the institution and the transformation of society as a whole through the right training, education, and development techniques.

Startup Exhibitions & Product Expos

BTS Community Forum can set up startup exhibitions and product expos in institutions with the joint effort of the institutions and sponsors. This is a great way for any institution to enhance its branding status, linking it to the wider industry ecosystem.  We will be glad to associate with institutions in this regard in any way possible.

Customized Event on Business/Entrepreneurship/Startup Theme

We can organize customized events on any business/entrepreneurship/startup theme such as the programs mentioned above with institutional support and sponsors interested in promoting such events. This is also an effective way to link firms dealing with educational products (especially IT-based or technical) and training (placement/entrepreneurship) with the institutions.

Business or B-Quiz Fest (Contest)

A quiz contest can enthrall one and all,  both the young and old alike. Team BTS is equipped with quizmasters, including its founder,  dazzling the crowd with strong acumen and quest for knowledge and powerful delivery. We are ready to associate with business and commerce departments of institutions and universities and organize Business or B-Quiz professionally. We also invite sponsors to this exciting opportunity and bring out students’ cognitive abilities, while branding their products/services—a win-win situation for both the parties involved. Click here for more details.

Placement, Training & Recruitment

Our team of industry-recognized mentors helps prepare students for interviews and secure placements in corporate companies. Our training programs cater to graduates with 0-3 years of experience and degrees in B.Tech, B.E, B.Sc. IT, or any computer-related, Business, and Arts & Science courses. Participants acquire knowledge of placement strategies, development of Aptitude, Communication & Soft Skills, and advanced tools and expose themselves to industry best practices. Facilitated by founders and business owners, they deeply understand industry requirements. We deliver tech-based training through experienced mentors and professionals, as we prefer real-world experience to theoretical knowledge. Our approach focuses on training aspiring candidates to optimize their performance in a real-time work environment, rather than relying on traditional methods such as Exam Dumps, tests, mocks, and assessments.

We serve as a strategic recruitment partner for businesses, ensuring they have access to highly skilled candidates who can contribute effectively starting from day one. In addition, we help startups and small and medium-sized enterprises find the perfect candidates for their specific needs, allowing them to save precious time, money, and resources. By providing them with a talented pool of candidates, we help accelerate their business growth and transformation. Furthermore, we help students prepare resumes (CVs) and hone their interview skills to maximize their potential. Through our services, candidates can be confident in securing a career that is not only lucrative but also highly rewarding.

Career Skill Development

BTS team of mentors empowers individuals by equipping them with essential skills and creating a highly skilled workforce to meet the increasing demands of both domestic and global markets. At BTS, we offer in-depth training programs on skill development in specific industries and sectors. These programs are created and managed by a team of startup founders, SMEs, and business owners. We generally don’t pin our hopes on trainers who lack industry exposure and hands-on experience. Whether an individual is looking for skill development training or to enhance his career skills, we deliver tailored programs that include expert talks, hands-on training, workshops, conclaves, conferences, industry visits, meet-ups, and panel discussions. Our approach to enhancing career skills is unique and transformational. We constantly strive to meet the evolving needs of industries, ensuring that our students stay relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. By aligning our programs with industry requirements and standards, we aim to provide individuals with the necessary resources and guidance and transform them into change agents and catalysts.

We are also engaged in global skill development initiatives. We harness the skills required to thrive in the international job market. Operating from Singapore and Dubai, our global skill development programs offer training and assistance to enhance the employability of individuals seeking opportunities abroad. We aim to bridge the prevailing skill gap and equip individuals with the necessary support, apparatus, and experience to tackle today’s growing work-related challenges.

Book Team BTS as Speakers

The Founder of the By The Startups platform, Shameer.S, is an acclaimed speaker, mentor, and trainer in the areas of Digital Marketing, Tech Leadership, Building Startups, Scaling Businesses,  Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas Model, Value Proposition Model, Design Thinking, Mental Thinking Models, and Business Networking and Communication, who has featured himself in over 500 offline and online sessions, training, and boot camps donning different roles. He has been featured in leading newspapers and online media.  As a community leader, he works very closely with both startups and campus startups and helps them in every phase and at every turn for their success. His vision is to create 10,000 innovative and startup leaders from the state of Tamilnadu where he hails from. He ensures he offers value in whatever he does, and if any institution, business, social organization, forum, group, or community is looking to book/hire him as a speaker, trainer, or mentor.

Service Charges

We can work with any institution with decent remuneration and conveyance charges. While guest talks, FDPs, and webinars (conducted by EDC/IIC/ NewGen IEDC/NISP/MoU/Innovation Hub) entail honorarium payment as per the government norms or institution standards, all other services such as organizing boot camps, ideathons, hackathons, industry visits (IVs), B-Quiz, startup tours, startup training, mentoring programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, forums, founder fire-side chats or theme-based tech talks and other institute-industry events involve professional charges (negotiable) for execution. Just get in touch with us to know more about all our institute-industry connect services. Please note that we never work on anything for FREE under any circumstances!

CSR Funds & Association with Institutes

We invite CSR Funds and technology funds from companies and corporate brands to partner with us in scaling up our operations related to institution-industry connects (refer to all the events above for association). Upon receiving CSR funds, we will associate with institutes to use the funds in a constructive way that can benefit the student community as a whole.